The Reco Information Guide

You will receive this Information Guide from a Coldwell Banker Action Plus Realty Real Estate agent because:

  • you are considering receiving seller or buyer services from a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent, or
  • the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent is representing a client in the transaction, and you might receive assistance from the agent.

All Real Estate Agents in Ontario are required to walk you through this guide before providing any services or assistance to you.

In this guide:

  • brokerage means a real estate brokerage
  • real estate agent and agent mean a real estate salesperson or broker
  • you and client mean a buyer or seller
  • buyer and seller can also mean lessee and lessor respectively

Read the guide carefully and talk to the Real Estate Agent if you have question.

Please note:

Before a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent can provide any Real Estate services to you, you must read this Information Guide provided by RECO, and this guide must be acknowledged by you indicating that you have received a copy of the guide, and a Real Estate Agent has explained it to and answered any questions you may have, and that you fully understand it.